Beware Of Illegal Gas Fitters

When it’s freezing outside and your central heating boiler has just suddenly stopped working, how much attention do you pay to ensuring the individual you are asking to do the work is certified to work legally? It appears that whilst lots of homeowner are mindful of the Gas Security Register (the replacement for Corgi registration), some do not examine to make sure the gas fitter is signed up.

The gas safety Register estimates that 250 000 unlawful gas tasks occur every year and it could be costing UK home-owners up to £100 million a year to rectify unlawful work. Of the illegal work accomplished, The Gas Safe Register found that 1 in 5 were immediately harmful. A frightening figure when you think about the prospective threats from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The best ways to prevent illegal gas fitters

There are a few simple actions home-owners can require to guarantee they stay clear of having actually work done on their gas appliances by unlawful gas fitters. These include:.

Don’t rely totally on suggestions from family and friends– examine the engineer is registered with The Gas Safe Register also. Because a buddy of household member suggests somebody doesn’t automatically imply they are safe to do the work you need, just.

Don’t base your choice purely on cost. Commonly, unlawful gas fitters will be cheaper and, whilst this may be tempting, it can cost you your life.

Do not depend on the logo on the gas fitters van. Lots of illegal gas fitters make use of the Gas Safe logo on their automobiles. Contact The Gas Safe Register too.

Be mindful if you discover a gas fitter through a local paper or through their own internet site as it is most likely no checks will certainly have been made to claims to be Gas Safe signed up. Some websites such as MyBoilerService, Yellow Pages and Thomson Local do examine to guarantee registration.

Constantly ask the gas fitter for their Gas Safe Registration card– here you will find their registration number that you can consult The Gas Safe Register AND you will certainly also discover what devices they are certified to deal with. Not all Gas Safe Registered


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